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The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase
 kbbl - (dave_baker)
07:33pm 19/07/2008

This is the second podcast ever recorded, which makes it less of a landmark. After forgetting to identify the episode, Mel and I discuss where the first segment really gets satire right, and all the points in which it is done wrong in the other segments. In this podcast I am a little more cynical than I normally would be towards this episode. Despite the negativity that's in this 'cast, I did enjoy the episode the first few times I watched it.

this cast is a little early, since I will be in Queensland for the next week, relaxing and enjoying what winter is like up north- warmer than where I live. It'll be nice.
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Moanin Lisa
 kbbl - (dave_baker)
09:59pm 08/07/2008

The first update to the podcast, and quite a long time after I actually created the account. Oh well, better late than never.

Anyway, the first cast is Moanin' Lisa, which is one of my favourites. Lisa is my favourite character in the early seasons- that is, until she becomes a *little* too self-righteous. However, the first ten seasons have some really nice Lisa episodes (and I include Lisa the Vegetarian in that), and this is the first of those.

In two weeks time there will be the second podcast- The Simpsons Spinoff Showcase, which I chose because I'm not a huge fan of this "format busting" episode.
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 kbbl - (dave_baker)
10:16am 29/10/2007
dave_baker posting in KBBL Simpsons Chat Podcast Community
OK, as I post this I'm in the midst of recording the initial episodes to go onto the KBBL podcast. Anyways, here's something of an introduction to the site. http://kbbl.jellycast.com is the website that this community is associated with. This community is all about the Simpsons- whenever a podcast is uploaded, a corresponding thread will appear here. But, it's not all talking about the podcasts, it's a general Simpsons community as well.

So grab a bottle of Skittlebrau to wash down those pork rinds, and have fun!
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